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ND2 MiataSpeed/Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger - 2019+ MAZDA MX-5

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  • $ 5,995

Pre-orders are now being accepted! Orders are fulfilled on a first come first served basis!

Engineered exclusively for the ND2 Miata custom produced by MiataSpeed in conjuction with Edelbrock, with our own in house tuning and testing.

  • Features a compact design with a short, less restrictive, intake path for improved air flow that fits under the stock hood
  • Designed from the ground-up and utilizes the Eaton Gen VI 900 TVS rotor assembly for maximum efficiency in a compact package
  • Supplied with preformed hoses for ease of installation - no trimming required
  • Self contained oil system with 100,000 mile service interval

Application Notes: 
On our dyno, we found the stock car to make 163 WHP. Included in our kit is a modified version of the Edelbrock Supercharger kit exclusive to MiataSpeed.

Stage 1:

The standard variant of this kit comes with a 3.25 inch pulley, allowing an ND2 with full stock exhaust to produce 222 WHP (+~60 HP). As the injectors on the ND2 are smaller in comparison to the ND1, we are currently fuel limited, however, we are working to solve the fueling requirements and believe we will be able to significantly increase the power and red line in the future. This will be reverse compatible for early adopters of this kit. Currently redline must be set to 7,000 rpm due to fuel and the included 3.25 inch pulley producing 5-6 psi. We are currently pursuing CARB certification, and if accepted, we will provide CARB certification stickers to early adopters of this kit. 

Stage 2:

To make more power, we produce a 2 5/8 inch pulley capable of producing 11 psi of boost. This must be used in conjuction with a water/meth injection system. We are finalizing a full plug and play kit for the ND Miata. In the mean time, please reach out to us via email and we can supply the parts and settings required for a proper water/meth injection system. While we are still fuel limited at higher rpm's, we are able to supplement fueling requirements with water/meth allowing us to utilize higher boost pulleys, resulting in 278 WHP (+~115 HP). This configuration is risky, however as a failure or loss of water injection mid pull could cause damage to your engine, as we rely 100% on the extra fuel from the water/meth injection to be present (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OPTION FOR THE AVERAGE CUSTOMER, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE RISKS BEFORE PURCHASING A STAGE 2 SYSTEM). 

Stage 3:

Coming soon! As we are currently working on fueling solutions for the ND2, we hope to be able to provide additional options to take the MiataSpeed/Edelbrock supercharger kit to the next level. With additional fuel, our upcoming cams, and additional modifications, we should be able to significantly increase the redline as well as the total power output of this motor. Any additions or options will be reverse compatible with existing kits.