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FPSpec Ohlins DFV Long-Stroke Coilover Kit (NC)

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  • $ 3,595

Lead time for FPSpec Kits is currently 2/3 weeks. Please contact us if you need a rush order. Thank you for understanding! 

NC FPSpec Long-Stroke kit

We are proud a new custom NC Ohlins kits engineered by MiataSpeed/SakeBomb Garage specifically aimed at the Miata enthusiast.

After over a year in development, testing, we are proud to release our Long-Stroke Ohlins DFV suspension kit for the NC Miata. Our custom kits also features many additions not included in the standard off the shelf Ohlins kits found elsewhere.  

FPSpec: Our flagship Ohlins DFV kit, with no expense spared to build the highest performing suspension kit possible.  Featuring the same length longer shock bodies in our Sport kit, the FPSpec kit is individually custom-valved for your desired spring rate please allow 2-3 weeks build time for custom kits).  Includes Cylindrical Swift Springs (helpers additional - if required depending on rates), Ohlins 1304 Shock Race Oil, FPSpec Fully-floating top mounts, FPSpec rear screw in sphericals, FPSpec Cylindrical Spring Adapter, and FPSpec One-Piece Floating Lower Mounting Cup.  

 Same Dual Flow Valve Technology That You Have Came to Love

What is DFV or Dual Flow Valve technology?

Derived from Öhlins Racing heritage, the DFV is uniquely able to provide the damping support needed to snake through a slalom at an autocross yet being silky smooth while attacking the apex curbs at the track. The Öhlins DFV has become the defacto road & track damper choice for the ND Miata and many other platforms due to its impressive combination of body control during aggressive driving while maintaining ride comfort on rough roads. The simple fact is: no other damper near this price point has the ability to keep up.

With DFV, the dual flow valve gives the same characteristics on rebound as it does on compression, thanks the damper fluid having a consistent path of flow in both directions. This means that the wheel and tire can quickly and effectively resume their important position back on the ground, providing grip and traction.


What is it, and why is it important?

Hysteresis can be thought of as “slop” inside the damper. Slop or the amount of vertical travel needed for all of the seals inside for the damper to move to actually start damping. Ohlins dampers have low hysteresis allowing the use of much higher spring rates for a given comfort level as even the small changes in vertical travel will be damped. Therefore, even with higher spring rates, it will equate to a more comfortable ride. By comparison, other dampers with higher hysteresis will effectively leave small increments of vertical travel un-damped. It is this un-damped travel caused by small imperfections in road surface, curbing, or undulations contributing to a harsh ride usually associated with higher spring rates.


FPSpec Long-Stroke


  • Floating Top Hats included (featuring Aurora bearings)

  • FPSpec Screw-In Spherical Bearing Inserts for the rear top hats.

  • FPSpec 70mm Rear Spring Adapter Kit

  • FPSpec Aluminum Front Cup 

  • FPSpec Aluminum One Piece Low Profile Mounting Cup in the rear 

  • Custom valved for your individual spring rate. (Not generic valving from the standard kit)

  • Ohlins 1304 Race oil (Vs generic shock oil in standard DFV's)

  • Cylindrical Swift Main Springs in your choice of rates 

  • Optional Helper Springs Included (Custom produced in Ohlins Yellow)

  • 111 mm front 111mm rear (For reference standard Ohlins kit 111 mm in front and 90 mm in the rear)

  • FPSpec Aluminum High-Torque Wrenches Included

  • Lifetime Chassis Consultation Service Included


In further detail:

Floating Aluminum Tophat with Aurora Motorsports Bearings and Bullet Nose Studs

Floating aluminum top hat helps to eliminate bending loads on the damper’s shaft reducing friction on the damper and extending the life of your investment. This reduces hysteresis to ensure consistent, predictable suspension performance in all conditions and extends the time between rebuilds. The only choice of top race teams, Aurora’s motorsport series stainless steel, teflon lined spherical bearings provide high strength, silent articulation and will never rust.

Billet Aluminum Lower Mounting Forks

Critical to the FPSpëc design is a single piece billet aluminum rear lower mounting fork. The single piece design increases strength and eliminates wasted length. This allows the exclusive long stroke damper to be installed while still reducing the assembly’s total length. The end result is a lower ride height than the standard Öhlins DFV kit for optimal track performance and appearance, while maximizing travel. On the front damper, a billet fork has been designed to further improve strength. 

20% More Rear Stroke

Thanks to our one piece lower cup there is the option for longer stroke and therefore means more total travel. These custom ultra-long-length damper bodies increase rebound and compression travel to provide maximum performance and drivability regardless of spring rate. Longer stroke also allows the use of helper or assist springs for maximum suspension performance.

Custom Setup Advice

We don’t believe in having you dig through forums to try to figure out what spring rates, ride heights and settings other people think are comfortable or easy to drive. Regardless of if you are looking for the tried and true standard Öhlins DFVs or our exclusive FPSpëc long stroke Öhlins DFV system, we provide individual suspension consultation to help you get the most out of your investment.Every set of FPSpëc Suspension comes with custom consulting for your chassis and driving style. Spring rates are selected along with matching helpers if needed. Then the dampers are custom valved by Öhlins and filled with upgraded 1304 race oil. Preload, coilover lengths, and height parameters are calculated and set to your specifications, taking the guesswork out of your setup and installation. When your Öhlins box arrives the last thing you want to do is spend hours doing algebra trying to guess as to the best setup for your individual needs.

High Torque, Non-Marring Adjustment Spanners

When it comes time to make adjustments, we’ve designed an exclusive non-marring high-torque adjustment spanner to avoid damaging the spring perches. With multiple engagement teeth, it provides positive engagement to avoid slippage and protect your knuckles from the wrath of punching a control arm. A 14mm open end wrench is provided for quick removal of the damper force adjustment knob. Also includes a 3/8” breaker-bar attachment for pesky long stuck jam nuts and finally a bottle opener for those long nights in a cold garage.