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FPSPËC OHLINS DFV "Long-Stroke Lite" Coilover Kit (ND MIATA)

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  • $ 3,295

Lead time for FPSpec Kits is currently 2/3 weeks. Please contact us if you need a rush order. Thank you for understanding! 

Product Features Include:

  • 2017 STR Class Winning Suspension (Race Valve Version)
  • Custom Long-Stroke Öhlins DFV Damper Bodies Exclusive to SBG - with our standard spherical top mounts and assembly included.

  • Available in Multiple Tailored Stiffness Options - Custom Valved and Tuned to Meet Your Needs

  • Swift® Main Springs in SBG Exclusive Ohlins Gold

  • Swift® Helper Springs (depending on kit) in SBG Exclusive Ohlins Gold

  • Standard Spherical Mount Top Hats 

  • High-Torque Non-Marring Aluminum Adjustment Spanners


We are proud to introduce our custom made FPSpëc Long-Stroke Lite - Öhlins DFV. The ultimate solution in customized suspension, specifically aimed at the Miata enthusiast.

Since its introduction, the Öhlins DFV line has revolutionized coilovers, and as a result, no longer are customers forced to choose between performance and ride quality. The Öhlins DFV valving design made it possible to have a truly track worthy damper that was also not only livable, but comfortable on the street due to the patented Öhlins DFV technology.  Sakebomb Garage is proud to provide this cutting edge, modern suspension technology, for your Miata.


Specially Tailored Spring Rate Options, Optional Custom Spring Rates Available

We don’t believe in having you dig through forums to try to figure out what spring rates, ride heights and settings other people think are comfortable or easy to drive.  For the ND, we are offering two specially tailored spring rate combinations to suite the vast majority of customer’s applications.  Each kit includes a detailed assembly guide including preload and free-length settings to achieve your specified ride height.

FPSpëc Grand Touring

Perfect for the backroads ND, the best possible balance of body control and ride quality.  Extremely capable for the occasional weekend track day.

6kg/mm Front and 34kg/mm Rear Swift Springs in SBG Exclusive Ohlins Gold

FPSpëc Race

The 2017 STR Autocross winning suspension,  higher spring rates provide the superb body control and stability.  Recommended for the frequently track driven ND Miata.

11kg/mm Front and 6kg/mm Rear Swift Springs in SBG Exclusive Ohlins Gold

Front and Rear Helper Springs Standard

FPSpëc Tailored

For those with radically built cars, we can provide our bespoke suspension consultation service to recommend spring rates, anti-roll bars and valving to meet your specific needs.  


Fixed Mount Spherical Top Hats (non-floating) 

Top hats are not included in standard Ohlins DFV kits for the ND... we have produced our own Fixed Mount Spherical Top Hats to increase precision of the shocks and allow the patented Dual Flow Valve to operate properly by eliminating the delay created by rubber bushings in-line.  No worries of noise/NVH as this is a fixed top mount, so only damper load (not spring load) goes through the spherical bearing.  The spherical bearing significantly reduces hysteresis to ensure consistent, predictable damper performance in all conditions.  Our high quality stainless steel bearings with Teflon liners provide high strength, silent articulation, and will never rust.


Same Dual Flow Valve Technology That You Have Came to Love

Derived from Öhlins Racing heritage, the DFV is uniquely able to provide the damping support needed to snake through a slalom at an autocross yet being silky smooth while attacking the apex curbs at the track. The Öhlins DFV has become the defacto road & track damper choice for the ND Miata and many other platforms due to its impressive combination of body control during aggressive driving while maintaining ride comfort on rough roads. The simple fact is: no other damper near this price point has the ability to keep up.  Our DFV's are produced using specified longer shock cartridges, and custom-valved and tuned in house for each use-case and application.  Our years of internal race use and testing, our own customized internal valving, combined with Ohlins patented damper technology.  


High Torque, Non-Marring Adjustment Spanners

When it comes time to make adjustments, we’ve designed an exclusive non-marring high-torque adjustment spanner to avoid damaging the spring perches. With multiple engagement teeth, it provides positive engagement to avoid slippage and protect your knuckles from the wrath of punching a control arm. A 14mm open end wrench is provided for quick removal of the damper adjustment knob. Also includes a 3/8” breaker-bar attachment for pesky long stuck jam nuts and finally a bottle opener for those long nights in a cold garage.


Assembly and Installation Services Available

All FPSpëc Custom Ohlins Suspension are pre-assembled when they leave our lab here, simply bolt in the suspension, adjust ride height, and make a visit to your local alignment specialist.  For customers in the San Francisco Bay area, we also offer suspension installation, alignments and corner balancing out of our Fremont California service center. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.