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Product Features include:

  • Custom Machined Screw in Spherical Housing and Spacer Assembly
  • Race Grade Spherical Bearings - by Aurora Bearings
  • Made for 10mm shock shafts
  • Greatly Reduces Unregulated Motion - by replacing OEM rubber top-mount bushings 
  • Increase Damper Accuracy - Reduce Suspension Harshness and Poor Ride Quality

This kit allows you to remove the stock upper-rubber mounts and replace them with Race Grade Spherical Bearings produced by Aurora, inside our custom designed screw-in steel carrier assembly with custom steel bearing spacers.  These were originally designed to be used in conjunction with Ohlins suspension that did not come with spherical upper mounts, however they will work with any damper which uses a 10mm shock shaft!  Greatly improve your shocks ability to damp surface irregularities and bumps, the Screw-In-Spherical mounts greatly improve cornering ability and ride quality, yet reduce suspension harshness by removing hysteresis.  NVH is not affected by replacing the upper mounts with sphericals as the rubber mounts are in series with the damper itself.  If your dampers are good at damping, you absolutely want a spherical upper mount, not rubber as this will improve the accuracy and functionality of the dampers themselves.

In the RX8, NC, and ND Miata's Mazda utilized donut shaped rubber top mounts in their suspension top hats, in place of non-compressible spherical bearings to reduce cost. The top mount of the shock must be free to move in relation to the chassis requiring either a spherical bearing or flexible rubber-mount.  A 50 cent rubber piece is much more practical for an OEM than an expensive proper spherical assembly, however the rubber is a 10kg/mm "spring" which interferes with the dampers ability to sense and react to real-time shaft acceleration.  This in-series 10kg/mm spring creates a delay in compression (and rebound) resulting in unregulated movement - known in the suspension world as hysteresis.  (Think of it as gear lash in your damper).  

When using the stock rubber hardware, damper rods do not directly interface with the chassis. The rubber compresses in an uncontrolled manner at the top of the damper rod, so motion is indirectly transferred from the chassis to the damper through a sloppy medium, and the impact is poorly buffered by the damper itself. The direct engagement provided by our spherical assembly allows the damper to begin damping immediately instead of squishing up into rubber mounting hardware first. This is a must for drivers looking to get the most out of high end suspension systems, since the stock rubber bearings prevent the full functionality of any coilover system which does not entirely replace the stock top hats with sphericals.

Our kit provides a relatively low cost solution, by retrofitting competition grade components into the stock top hats. If you're looking for better ride quality on the street, faster times at autocross, maximize your cornering grip on the track, this system will provide you with a race-level suspension interface, which very few of your competitors have even considered. This affordable, high quality kit is a no-brainer for those looking to shave fractions of seconds off of every corner, or those simply looking for a more comfortable ride.