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Wilwood Track-Day Brake System (ND Miata)

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  • $ 1,350

We are proud to introduce our new Wilwood Track-Day Brake System. We produced this brake kitwith the intention of bringing race-inspired engineering to the broader motorsports market. We have designed what is in essence, a light weight, competition worthy brake system, employing high-end track & street components. The result is a system which provides incredible performance for cost, accessible to the broader driving enthusiast market. Brake fade will be a thing of the past, for everything up to and including the highest HP forced induction applications and compeditive track use.

The Forged Superlight Calipers use a *massive* 20mm thick Brake Pads which not only add additional thermal barrier between the rotor and caliper, but will also last longer than a standard competition brake pad. Many other calipers use pads that are 12-16mm’s thick resulting in reduced thermal insulation (potentially more brake fluid boiling), and significantly increased pad replacement intervals. In essence you're getting more brake pad material for the same cost of a set of brake pads. Thanks to using a very common pad shape, replacing pads will also be significantly cheaper and easier to source.

Our SBG Premium Brake Rotors have been designed to provide the highest possible performance for cost. Our design utilizes race-inspired directional vanes, which drastically increases air flow compared to a stock, straight vane rotor. Our proprietary slot design improves the responsiveness of braking, with better bite, and prevents excessive brake dust build up, keeping brake components clean and improving mechanical engagement.  

This is the perfect package for customers looking for the maximum bang for their buck when it comes to brake performance.  

Our Package Includes:

  • Wilwood Forged Superlight Calipers
  • 6061 Billet Caliper Mounting Brackets
  • MiataSpeed 340x28mm Solid Mount Premium Brake Rotors
  • MiataSpeed Designed 6061 T6 Aluminum Rotor Hats
  • DOT Approved Stainless Steel Brake Lines with dirt/abrasion sleeves
  • Full Pictorial Installation Guide

This kit has everything you need to overhaul your undersized stock brake system. From stock cars to high horsepower builds, this brake setup is a fantastic match with outstanding braking performance that will not break the bank. Compatible with the SBG/MiataSpeed Rear Brake Rotors as a package price, to completely maximize the braking potential of your ND.  

Wilwood Forged Superlight Calipers:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Forged Aluminum Construction
  • Durable Hard Anodized Finish (Optional Powdercoat Finish)
  • Stainless Steel 4 Piston Design
  • 20mm Thick Brake Pad for Caliper Heat Transfer
  • Thick Pads Provide Extremely Long Life and Reduce Frequency of Replacement
  • Available in Hard Anodized Gray for hassle free cleaning (just spray down with brake cleaner)

SBG/MiataSpeed Premium Brake Rotors:

  • SBG Competition 340mm x 28mm Directional Curved Vane Rotor Design
  • High-Performance, Light-Weight Two-Piece Rotors
  • Proprietary High Temperature Alloy Rotor Rings
  • Slot Pattern engineered to increase pad bite 
  • Race-Grade Hard Anodized Aluminum Rotor Hats
  • Aerospace NAS Bolts and Jet Nut Fasteners 

The directional vanes (as opposed to straight vane OEM rotors) act as an air pump to pull cold air from the center of the rotor and expel hot air at the rotors edge. Directional curved vanes literally expel heat and therefore run cooler than straight vane designs, given the same rotor mass. The rotors in this kit were designed for efficiency and weight reduction to drastically raise the bar for braking capacity while avoiding the detriments of unsprung weight on handling. Supercharged and Turbocharged cars are no problem for this braking system, including extended track sessions.  

*Brake pads for this caliper are readily available from nearly every pad manufacturer. As pad choice varies greatly depending on personal preference, application, and desired cost, we decided not to include pads to reduce the total cost as one pad obviously does not fit all. To see a list of commonly used pads please visit the following Link. We are able to source many other pads such as Performance Friction and Endless. We will be stocking various Endless pad compounds in the near future.


  • 17” or larger rims are required to accommodate this brake kit. 

Installation Instructions: