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Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Dyno Results! - 2016+ Mazda MX-5 Miata

Long awaited results are here! The below results are from our own Custom built tune, not the CARB tune. We should be getting the CARB tune shortly so we will post those results as well!

Before we dive in to the results and details, we'd just like to remind everyone that every dyno reads differently. Whether it's a different brand or model and any correction factors on top of that, numbers can be quite different from dyno to dyno. What matters is the gains on the same dyno.

Without further ado, the dyno chart!

On our dyno, the stock car baselined at 128 Hp / 129 ft-lb. The Edelbrock setup is putting down 198 Hp / 174 ft-lb! This is a 70 Hp gain in horsepower and 45 ft-lb gain in torque, over 54% over the stock car. The power curve is extremely linear, which makes this car wickedly fast and smooth. It truly feels like just a bigger naturally aspirated motor has been dropped in. Because of the extremely efficient Eaton Gen VI rotor design, there isn't even much supercharger whine. While this is somewhat not as exciting, the lack of the whine means there isn't as much energy being wasted. All that whine is going back to power the rear wheels instead =). It is worth noting that this was done with a Greddy Exhaust so results may be slightly better than with stock piping. Everything else is completely stock.

Boost levels shown below:

This particular kit makes about .76 bar ( ~11psi) of boost at 7000 rpm. Boost ramps up linearly from about 0.3 bar (4.35psi) at 2500 rpm. Since the boost doesn't come on all at once like a turbo, this makes for much easier control and should be quite easy to drive in a track/autocross setting.


We are still continuously developing and experimenting with this setup so there is definitely more to come. We have some pretty cool findings to share very soon =). 

Product Info:

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kits

This kit comes in two flavors. The "50 State CARB Legal" kit comes with an ECUTek Key, License and Cable. This kit is 50 State Legal and comes with a CARB EO Sticker.


The "Tuner" or "No Tune" kit includes everything minus the ECUTek Key, License and Cable.


Engineered exclusively for the 2.0L SkyActiv-G I4 engine

  • Features a compact design with a short, less restrictive, intake path for improved air flow that fits under the stock hood
  •  Designed from the ground-up and utilizes the Eaton Gen VI 900 TVS rotor assembly for maximum efficiency in a compact package
  • Supplied with preformed hoses for ease of installation - no trimming required
  • Self contained oil system with 100,000 mile service interval

Custom Tuning Options

The tune shown here is our own MiataSpeed/SakeBomb Garage Custom Tune. It will also be available for purchase soon! We can offer custom tuning for exhaust add-ons as well. Please inquire!


All Edelbrock E-Force 50 State CARB Legal Kits are backed by Edelbrock's Limited Powertrain warranty. This shows the quality level and the confidence they have in the performance and safety of their products. As long as the kit is installed at a Edelbrock Authorized Installer, it is covered! More details here:


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As always, feel free to reach out with any questions at info@miataspeed.net!

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